ML Lincoln

  1. Filmmaker ML Lincoln started making journalistic films with a Super 8 camera for her friends about the tumultuous times in the early 70's. She moved from Vermont to Boston to study at the Orson Welles Film School. In 1975 she moved to LA to work on video productions for the American Film Institute while concurrently taking film classes at UCLA and the Sherwood Oaks Experimental College.

ML Lincoln
Active also as a photographer and teacher, ML founded the More Exposure Project, a program designed to develop self-esteem for kids at risk by providing a safe environment for their artistic expression.

Her photographs have appeared on the cover of Utne Reader with accompanying articles about troubled youth. She received the prestigious Arizona Commission on the Arts Artist Project Grant for her photographs on Tucson kids called " Dark Days." One of ML's mural series from her hike in Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan in the once Soviet Union was purchased for the Arizona's Governor's Art Award.

In 2005 ML finished a short documentary about her late husband's battle with cancer called "On the Edge of Time." It was followed by her current documentary "Drowning River" in 2007.

To date, " Drowning River" has received recognition as Best Picture and Best Director at the Zaki Gordon Shorts Film Festival. The film also received the LeAnn Lucero Award and an Honorable Mention at the Taos Film Festival.

The concept for "Drowning River" grew out of ML's concern for the massive disappearance of wilderness in the West and the need to bring more attention to the effects of drought.

It has also screened at the Taos Film Festival, The Big Easy Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Aspen Shorts Film Festival and Topanga Film Festival. Upcoming screenings include Docutah, Duke City Film Festival and Bluff Arts Festival.